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The US, and the world are experiencing an unprecedented demand for warehousing space, largely due to the dramatic rise of e-commerce. In fact, our VP and my daughter, Shani Atapattu, wrote on this subject last year for Wholesale & Distribution Magazine. In an age where online shopping is the norm, companies are looking for warehouses to make it easy to deliver quickly and efficiently to customers. According to a new global study by Zebra Technologies, 75% of companies polled plan to have a warehouse management system by 2020 in order to be more effective in e-commerce and beyond.

As a 3PL, my team here at Overseas Cargo Inc. is no stranger to this world. We currently operate three warehouses throughout Miami-Dade County, where there is a growing demand, and are looking to increase this area of our business dramatically in 2017. I wanted to share an interesting articleand stay tuned for exciting news from OCI in the upcoming months!

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Ron was featured in the January issue of Inbound Logistics in an in-depth article about the nuances of trading through Latin America. Giving his expert opinion, he discusses the many advantages of the expanded Panama Canal, specifically the change to how countries work in the Colon Free Trade Zone in Panama. Inbound Logistics is an educational supply chain resource for businesses seeking to better match demand to supply and orient operations to support that shift.

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We are very excited to be writing an article about cold chain and our experiences eliminating bottlenecks in the process for Refrigerated & Frozen Foods. We expect the article to be posted next month.