Ron Atapattu Quoted in Supply Chain World Magazine
Trump and Supply Chain – What do supply chain professionals and experts expect from the new president’s administration?

“Trade flows will likely change, but it may not be as simple as more goods flowing from the United States to China and fewer coming back. Maybe we will import less from China. But maybe we’ll import more from Russia or Japan. Supply chain professionals need to be prepared for a more dynamic global field and shipping lines will have to readjust their port calls to optimize vessel usage.”

“Emphases in shipping operations may change too. Let’s say a company has relied heavily on a plant in China, but, in this new atmosphere, it decides to relocate all or part of that manufacturing activity to Alabama. Whether Trump had anything to do with it is beside the point. The needs of your customer will now be more focused on domestic shipping. Are you ready to make that adjustment? Logistics providers will be called to find solutions.”

“Trump makes people nervous because he seems impulsive, often bombastic, both in word and in deed. I have met Donald Trump, and have had the task of negotiating a deal with him. Behind closed doors, I found him to be quite different than what he portrays in public. He is a tough negotiator, but he is also calm, collected and thoughtful. I suspect he uses his public persona to his advantage. You can criticize, but it seems to be working for him.”

“Overall, I think it’s good news that the United States now has an administration that understands business and is more concerned with bottom-line results than with politically correct rhetoric. I believe this will result in more opportunities both in logistics and in the business community in general.”

Click the link to read Ron’s full article: Words of encouragement for nervous logistics pros in the Trump trade era

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