Logistics Lowdown: November Newsletter


With the election of President-Elect Trump, the future of trade has been the top of many conversations.  The two big trade agreements commonly discussed are the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)).

As is, the TPP is essentially dead, but I believe after the dust settles, this will evolve into an agreement that reshapes the US-Asia relationship.  As for NAFTA, I believe it will remain in place – perhaps slightly changed – during the next four years.  China has been making a play to increase its trade in Central and South America, and the US will be forced to deal with this and not stand idly by, letting China in our backyard.

There are also several trade agreements with individual countries and I foresee more of these types of agreements with individual countries to facilitate global US trade.  As both a business owner and as Chairman of the Beacon Council’s Trade & Logistics committee, I am optimistic about what a Trump presidency could mean to Florida and our Trade & Logistics sector.







In our November Beacon Council Trade & Logistics Committee board meeting, we outlined our Top 3 Initiatives, which I believe in passionately.  Our main objectives for the upcoming year are:
  1. Jobs for trade & logistics graduates:  We are ecstatic that five South Florida learning institutions are currently offering degrees in logistics and now we want to make sure that these graduates have jobs that they can grow in.  The Beacon Council will be organizing shark tank-like panels comprised of hiring managers where students can meet the people and the companies leading the charge…lets get these students jobs!
  2. Engage minorities: Minorities are not nearly as well represented in the industry as we would like. Our plan at the Beacon Council is to create a committee that is committed to engaging minority and underserved communities to get them involved in the trade & logistics boom happening in South Florida! 
  3. Create a megaphone for Miami-Dade achievements: Our very own MIA was the first airport in the U.S., and only the second in the world, to be designated a Pharma Hub Airport by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). This designation as a safe & efficient logistics hub for the industry is something that the world should know about and we are setting up a committee dedicated to spreading the word of the benefits of conducting trade through Miami-Dade.
We have big plans for the Miami-Dade trade and logistics industry and
we’re looking forward to great results!


that we are a one-stop shop for total supply chain management, everything from initial point of pick up all the way to delivery?  We are a 3PL specializing in the cold chain, we offer our customers the necessary resources to transport and deliver temperature sensitive goods and other products across the globe.

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Ron was recently interviewed on the Entrepreneur Podcast Network on the state of the logistics industry, his thoughts on the future, and what keeps him up at night.  EPN is the entrepreneur source for business advice, information, motivation, inspiration, and major live event coverage…stay tuned to hear the interview!



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